Growing Forward Journal Hard Copy


The GROWING FORWARD JOURNAL – A guided journal created to help you build resilience and grow consciously through whatever life brings.  

This journal is the invitation to begin a practice of listening… to yourself. And in the process, you will not only discover the power of your truth to guide you in the right direction but will develop an unshakable commitment to never abandon your voice again.  

Expressive Writing, also known as journaling, is a practice with scientifically proven benefits for our emotional and physical health.  But in order to maximize its impact, The Growing Forward Journal includes even more evidence-based practices to support your growth during times of great transition and change. 

It was designed to be your companion to support your process of growth over a 3 month period. Why 3 months? Because our science tells us that this is typically the time it takes to emerge from any significant life event. 

But this journal is not about returning to life as you knew it.  It’s about evolving beyond what was, to allow you to create a better version, which is closer to the brilliant being you have always been from the very start.

Designed to lie flat, with weighted paper to allow for a seamless writing experience, The Growing Forward Journal contains:

  • 84 days of entries, with space to allow your soul to express whatever you need to hear.
  • Daily prompts to help you develop the 3 best, scientifically based practices proven to foster resilience: gratitude, competence, and joy.  
  • Weekly reflection pages which will encourage you to look back on the previous week, identify and amplify the growth that is happening within yourself.
  • Weekly Growth Concepts to consider as you craft your Action Plan for Growth for the week to come.